Featured Classes

Personal Development

Personal Development is a program designed to teach preteen & teens important life skills that enhance their opportunities in personal and professional careers. They will learn public speaking, social and dinning etiquette, proper dress, conversation technique,beauty tips, and overall posture & poise!


One of our most popular – In Modeling we teach you from the basics to high fashion. You learn how to walk, dress and present your self as a model while also learning how to navigate the business and land jobs.

Fashion & Fashion Show production

We take you back in time through the history of fashion and teach/ while at the same time planning a fashion show of your own. Your class (with the assistance of Susan Makai) will be the team behind the our annual Spring Fashion Show. From the theme & decor to model castings – you will see first hand what goes into putting together your first fashion show.

TV Drama

Who has the acting bug? Whether you are and experienced actor enhancing your craft or thinking trying it for the first time this is a class for everyone! Its a two part program learning TV & commercial acting first half and then jump into intro to threatre. Its a fun time with games, on-screen acting, working off other actors, monologues, etc.


Play Production

Every summer we look forward to our play production course! This is open to all ages 6 years old  – Adult. We have a part for you! We do a different play every year depending on the ages of participants and we go through all the steps of putting on a real play! From first week auditions to set design all the way up to opening night! At the end of this course we sell tickets and perform at local Theatre for guest, friends, and family! This is a really fun time and you become a part of family by the end of the program and don’t forget about the big cast party!

Improv/ Advanced Acting

If you’ve conquered our TV Drama program or want to fearlessly dive into the world of acting – you will love this course! Taught by a local stage actor Ernie Insana.

Manners & Modeling (ages 6-9)

Manners & Modeling is a starter course for both girls and boys (6 -9) teaching proper behavior and poise while. Much like our personal development program suited for kids. They will also be able to learn how to walk on a runway and do TV commercials.

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