All classes are once a week with a graduation showcase for friends and family at the end of the program.  Below are the types of classes with brief highlights of what students will learn.

Personal Development (6 weeks)

  • Posture & Poise
  • Dining & Social Etiquette
  • Public Speaking
  • Understanding your Personality Type
  • Fashion & Shopping Pointers (Includes a day at the Mall)
  • Skin Care and Make-up
  • Basic Walking
  • Mock Fashion Show

Modeling (6 weeks)

  • Orientation into the Modeling Industry
  • Models Bag – Tools of the Trade
  • Introduction to Runway
  • Promotional & Stroll Modeling
  • Model Audition Process
  • Photo Posing
  • Fashion Print
  • Modeling for TV

TV Drama (8 weeks)

  • Terminology
  • Fun Acting Exercises
  • The Audition Process
  • Scene Studies
  • On Camera Acting
  • TV Commercials
  • Intro to Theater & Stage Performing
  • Monologues

Advanced TV Drama (4 weeks)

  • Improv
  • Two Person & Group Scenes
  • Cold Read Techniques
  • TV Acting Auditions & First Impressions
  • The Business of Acting

Contemporary Fashion I (5weeks)

  • Cleaning  Out Your Closet -What you must keep & What you should be getting rid of
  • Developing Your Personal Fashion Styles
  • Clothing Trends & Staples
  • History  of Fashion – Early Fashion Influences for Men and Female & Designers you should know
  • Intro to Fashion Show Procedures

Contemporary Fashion II/ Fashion Show Production ( 5 weeks –  including Fashion Show produced by students )

  • Fashion history from the 1960’s to 20th Century
  • Fashion Show Production Orientation
  • Beginning the Planning Process and Creative Meetings.
  • Model Auditions
  • Model  Store Fittings
  • Final Show Run Through

Play Production (8 weeks – including Play Performance) Play to be announced at first class

  • Characters study
  • Understanding What Directors Are Looking For
  • The Casting Process & Critique – Each student will audition for a role
  • Play Read Through
  • Costumes & Set Design
  • Rehearsals – may schedule extra rehearsals during the final weeks before show.
  • Dress Rehearsal & Final Show will take place at a Community Theater.

Manners & Modeling For Kids (6 weeks – ages 6-10 – girls & boys)

  • Fun Get To Know Me Activities
  • Introductions and Handshakes
  • Basic Manners – Why their important
  • Body Language & Behavior
  • Dinning etiquette (Parents may join in the class)

Professional Acting Director – Tom Logan Two Day Talent Seminar 

Tom is a director of TV, Film and Theatre and the best selling author of two books about professional acting.

Tom will be teaching a comprehensive workshop on how to become a working on screen actor.

This seminar is available to Personal Best students and the public.

He will instantly improve your acting ability in just a short amount of time – You don’t want to miss him!

Children age 6 – 10 Seminar:

Saturday Sept. 23rd  2017 – Morning

Sunday Sept. 24th  2017 – Morning


Teen – Adult Seminar:

Saturday Sept. 23rd  2017 – Afternoon

Sunday Sept. 24th  2017 = Afternoon